ZEE TV Present INDIA FAIR 2017 ::
New Jersey Convention & Expo Center :
April 1 & 2, 2017
Time 11 AM - 7 PM

Sponsorship Information for India Fair 2017

Sponsorship is the best way to get recognized and attract more attention in the community, events, shows and other businesses.  It empowers one to outshine other businesses and fly high ahead at a little extra cost.  At the event you will have tremendous opportunities to promote your business, sell your products and direct interaction with people, recognition among the community, special promotion at the show, banners at various places, logo on flyer, poster, press release and other dozen web sites including India Fair. We are sure that sponsoring the event will certainly make a difference and create more awareness and understanding among the people.  The information about the sponsorship is given below:

India Fair 2017 would be the best South Asian festival as it not only celebrates the diversity but also aims at bringing different communities together while hosting the show. We have received many eclat and encomiums from various communities for organizing such great events. Needless to say, it is a great show to be a part of.

BusinessNJ  is taking number of steps to spread and popularize INDIA FAIR 2017 and offer number of opportunities to sponsors to involve South Asian People and businesses to cater to our people needs.  The benefits include –

INDIA FAIR will partner with ZEE TV, the #1 South Asian TV Channel and the event will be advertised in all the South Asian Newspapers published from New Jersey and New York giving maximum exposure to our sponsors. As a result of the advertisement campaign, there will be tremendous consumer awareness about the Show and about the sponsors. 
Print Media
There will be countless printing of flyers and posters, which will be distributed in the Tri-State and kept at prominent places to facilitate the awareness among the masses on a larger scale. All the print media will have the name/logo of our sponsors.

Printing of Program
Logo of our sponsors will feature in the various South Asian newspapers, flyers, posters, web site and other promotional material.

Advertising on Radio & TV
The event will be advertised on leading Indian TV channels. In addition, the fair will also be promoted on the radios to make aware to the people about Indian Fair and seek their participation.  The event will also feature in many newspapers.

Personal Interaction
The property shows are the best place to know the customers at the personal level and their buying habits and know their needs.  Sponsors and exhibitors can also participate in the real time surveys and studies of potential clients.
Active Participation
We have been doing various shows in New Jersey since 2003. In all these years, we have attained phenomenal success in conducting the Fairs and various other events.  Gaining experience and expertise from the previous events, we will certainly seek participation of middle, affluent and professional South Asian on a much larger scale with a strong purchasing power.  

Promotion on Web Sites
The Event will be promoted through its own web site and other dozens Indian web sites visited by South Asian People. Also we would be sending emails on a regular basis to maximize turnout and increased return on investment for exhibitors. In addition, the event will be mentioned and emailed to countless people through number of email groups. 
 In the nutshell, Sponsorship at INDIA FAIR 2017 will bring you:
  1. Infinite visibility among South Asians particularly Indians
  2. Deliver personalized messaged to targeted individuals.
  3. Reach millions of target people and give out your message.
  4. Extensive sales potential
  5. Professional approach
  6. Recognition by the millions
For SPONSORSHIP Details; please contact:

Arun Anand: (609) 937-2806
Rajesh Rai: (609) 937-2800
Email: Indiafairnj@gmail.com

We look forward to having you at India Fair! Thank you.